Our approach to classifying cinema releases and video works (e.g., DVD, BluRay) is guided by three main principles:


The Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) website is primarily a resource for the public, and for parents/guardians in particular, to research the suitability of cinema releases or video works for themselves or their families. We strongly encourage that parents/guardians make informed decisions, using not just the age classification awarded but also the detailed consumer advice available on this website and through the various links provided.


It is important to note that the context in which material is presented in a film will often be the determining factor in the age classification it is awarded. Where certain material is presented in a fantasy or comic context, for example, its impact may be softened. We try to retain a flexibility of approach and look at the context and impact of the film as a whole, rather than rating it only on the basis of one short image or scene - i.e., consideration is given as to whether content is presented within an educational context, either social (e.g., anti-drugs, anti-discrimination) or historical.


The role of IFCO was established under the Censorship of Films Act, 1923 and expanded upon in the Video Recordings Act, 1989. This legislation is framed so as to allow IFCO reflect the prevailing social values of the day. IFCO actively welcomes feedback from parents and the public concerning its classification guidelines and decisions.

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Film Guidelines:

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DVD/Video Guidelines:

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