16  16 Certificate - Guidelines


Films classified in this category are suitable for persons of sixteen or over. Those under sixteen will not be admitted to cinemas and it is the responsibility of each cinema, under law, to ensure that this is the case.

The 16 certificate recognizes the ability of today’s teenagers to digest and understand mature themes and complex material. Many films that would previously have been classified 18 are now classified in this category.


 16 BlacKkKlansman  16 Deadpool 2



Most themes/content will be acceptable with classification decided by the way the subject is treated.



Violence might be intensely depicted and may include some gory imagery. We take particular account of the way in which sexual violence is portrayed. The portrayal of such content in this category should not be explicit and must have clear contextual justification. 

Strong horror and sustained threat may be acceptable but will not include the strongest images of sadism and torture.



Strong sexual themes and content may be permissible provided it is not gratuitous.



Strong language is acceptable within this category.



Films at this category might feature themes and scenes relating to hard drug use. However, any instructional or glamorised drug use, particularly involving teen protagonists, is unlikely to be acceptable.



Some films released on DVD with a 15 cert may have a cinema release certificate 16 due to the difference in cinema/DVD classification structure. It is illegal for a retailer to sell or rent a film classified 15 to any person below that age.