DVD-15  15 Certificate - Guidelines


Fit for viewing by persons aged 15 YEARS OR MORE.

Video works classified 15 have been deemed appropriate for viewers of fifteen and over. It is offence for a retailer to sell or rent material classified 15 to anyone below that age. 

Generally, films classified 16 on cinema release will be classified 15 on video release (e.g., ‘Cabin In The Woods’, ‘A Dangerous Method’).


 DVD 15 A Quiet Place  DVD 15 Black-47



Most themes/content will be acceptable with classification decided by the way the subject is treated.



Violence may be realistic but not gratuitous or focus on bloody injury. Strong gory images will only be permitted if justified by the context in which they are presented. We take particular account of the way in which sexual violence is portrayed. Any such content in this category should be discreetly presented and contextually justified. 

Strong horror and threat are acceptable but will not include the strongest images of sadism and torture.



Strong sex references may be acceptable at 15. Scenes of a sexual nature may also be acceptable but will not gratuitous or prolonged.



Strong language is allowed at 15.



Scenes or dialogue relating to drugs may be acceptable in an appropriate context, but not if there is glamorization, instruction or encouragement as to use.